Integral management of real-estate agencies



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A simple application for the administration of real-estate agencies. Among the most renowned features of this dedicated application are:

Maintenance of offers, with data about the property (qualities, photos,...).

Maintenance and consults of demands, clients, suppliers, promoters, agents, appointments.

Control of the visits made to the properties (offer - demand).

Control of the keys of properties of the clients.

New construction contains the different types of property, features and their price.

Consults of offers, demands, demands of construction and new construction, search for models with the pattern you create.

Search and relate offers that match the requests of the demands and vice versa.

Control of the benefits and costs with agent consults, time periods, supplier.

Advanced searches in each file quickly searching any register, in any field, generate lists with the filtered registers or export those registers to Excel.

Connect from the application to any other application or files of any type of document.

Money change from Euros to any foreign currency.

Numerous types of lists, personalizing the registers you want to show.

Relate offers that match the petitions of the demands automatically.

Generate web pages, of the selected offers, with its indexes and photos of the offers.

Generate documents, preparing the model of the document, replace the fields with the selected data (f.e. to make contracts), you can create your own fields to replace.

Generate graphics, for selected periods of time for income, costs, offer and demand.

Compare income and costs, offer and demand of different periods of time.

Export data to Excel, choosing format and filters, from any sheet or selected register.

Generate posters with selected photos, being able to modify position data, size, text.

Special file for industrial units.

Generate special offer lists for agents, clients and people of the real-estate agency itself.

A browser to see multiple pictures of the selected offers fullscreen.

Maintenance of sleeping offers and demands, for example they become active on a certain date.

Each file creates and saves documents related to it, contracts, plans, etc.
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